What really stops you from seeing 20/20 (100%)?

von Fedor Simonov

12. April 2017

Let’s consider eye problems from the Qigong point of view. First of all, one should understand that a separate consideration of the vision system on is not right at all.

Let’s consider eye problems from the Qigong point of view. First of all, one should understand that a separate consideration of the vision system on is not right at all. Only the integrated system view upon the whole organism can give us the most objective understanding about what is going on when having eye problems. And only such an approach can guarantee safe methods of the recovery.

Figure 1. The General View of the Energy System of a person

As you can see on the Figure 1, the bio life energy starts from the bottom energy center – this is our urine and reproductive system – the source human’s life. It flows along the back middle channel to the top energy center (our brain) which produces the psychic energy – processed information. The top energy center is interchanging the energy and information with the outer world with the help of the eye energy channel. The energy from the top energy center then go down along the front middle channel.

If the energy circulation in this system is distorted, the person gets problems with eyes and other organs because the energy (Chi) is connected with blood. For example, if the energy doesn’t go up very well, the person can faint and get low pressure problems. If the energy doesn’t go down sufficiently, the person could have high pressure problems.

There is also an interesting fact about the energy. If it can’t go in the one direction, it tries to go around through other routes and organs which causes their overload and stress. For example, if the person is having problems in the breast part of the spine, there could be heart problems because some part of the energy from the spine can’t go up completely so some part of it is flowing in the other direction to the heart.

The other fact is that the energy circulation problems cause blood circulation problems such as vessels spasms and inflammations. It also works the other way around – if the energy circulation is being restored, the blood circulation is being improved and the organ is being recovered. The conclusion is in order to restore the energy circulation, recovery the eyesight and bode one has to remove the blocks in the first turn.

Before cleaning the blocks, it is useful to be aware of the reasons of those. The most common are:

-too much cold or hot temperature;
-infections, viruses;
-negative or unbalanced emotions;
-heavy metals from the pollution;

Once you’ve have removed the reasons of blocks, you’ll need to restore the energy circulation otherwise the blocks will stay there anyway.

What are the ways of removing the blocks from the body and energy system to recover the eyesight and whole body?

As a qigong specialist, I should say that you should use Qigong exercises only but as a professional eyesight recovery coach, I must add that it is not enough that’s why I created Eye-Diamond System which offers an integrated approach to the natural eyesight recovery and based on Qigong, eye muscles training and relaxation, Yoga, autogenic training (self-programming) and meditation, antistress gymnastics and balanced nutrition. Eye-Diamond System allows not only remove the blocks, but also train a natural protection against their possible future come back.

Now let’s have a look how the Eye-Diamond System works with the natural eyesight improvement (see Figure 2)

Figure 2. Vision energy system anatomy

As you can see on figure 2, there might be also blocks in the vision system itself. So practicing Eye-Diamond helps to remove blocks in the vision system by the following actions:
-energy flow intensification – the quicker energy flows, the quicker it activates the channels and remove the obstacles on its way;
-energy field activation and extension – the exercises allow to activate the energy field and extend it essentially which creates more protection against the negative impact from the outside worlds, more tolerance to tension, more confidence.
-energy channel cleaning – it is a direct blocks removal.
The full algorithm of the eyesight and body recovery is very simple. We clean the energy channels in the body, then activate the bottom energy center (urine and reproductive system) to cause more energy flowing along the middle front channel (see Figure 3) to the top energy center (brain). We remove the blocks in the vision system letting the energy flow fluently through the eyes channel and down the front middle channel (Figure 3) to make a circle.

Figure 3. Energy circulation along the front and back middle channels

What happens if you remove the blocks from the vision system only without activating the bottom energy center? The results of natural eyesight recovery will be much worse in this case because there is no extra energy feeding the top energy center (our brain) and vision. This extra energy could be used as a fuel for the recovery but we won’t give it if ignoring the energy activation in the bottom center.

What to do next after the blocks removal? The next step of the Eye-Diamond System is to get new vision habits of seeing and blink effortlessly, train, coordinate and relax eye muscles and activate the peripheral vision. All these steps will inevitably lead to the vision improvement up to 20/20 (100%) depending on how deep and regular you will practice.

If you train eyes ignoring the working on the blocks and the whole body, the results will be much worse and stable because the reasons of eye problems are in the eyes only. So only integrated approach and your desire to improve yourself can give you the best results. And Eye Diamond System is one of the best tools that contains everything you need to recover your eyesight naturally without pills or surgery, correct the posture, be more tolerant for emotional, physical and psychic stress, release all the tension in the body, mind and soul, get more energy and life inspiration.

The article is prepared by: Fedor Simonov, natural eyesight recovery coach and Qigong specialist

Über Fedor Simonov

Fedor Simonov wurde 1985 in Westsibirien geboren. Nachdem er in der Schule zu schielen begann, hat ihm seine Mutter ein paar einfache Übungen beigebracht, die seine Sehkraft verbesserten und das Tragen einer Brille erübrigten. Nach dem Universitätsabschluss arbeitete Fedor bei einer Softwareentwicklungsfirma in der er gezwungen war, täglich bis zu 14 Stunden am Computer zu arbeiten. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit verschlechterte sich seine Sehkraft wieder, worauf er begann, Qigong zu machen. Er entwickelte eine Methode zur natürlichen Sehschärfeverbesserung - die «Augen-Diamant»-Methode, bei der unter anderem Entspannungstechniken für den Augenmuskel geübt werden.  

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