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27. Januar 2015

Séance with the medium Stewart Alexander on April 22, 2008 by Jostein Strommen


Séance with the medium Stewart Alexander on April 22, 2008
by Jostein Strommen

Copyright © Institutt for Ledelse og Administrasjon AS 2009
Extract from the book: Across the borderline – If I only knew Author: Jostein Strømmen
www.josteinstrommen.com Prepared for Basler Psi-Verein

I kept in contact with the Zerdin Fellowship, and was informed about a new séance in Basel, Switzerland, organized by the Basler Psi-Verein. This was a séance with the medium Stewart Alexander from England. There were going to be three séances, and there was an opening at the last séance, on Tuesday, April 22. I got in touch with the leader of the fellowship, Lucius Werthmuller, and with a reference from the Zerdin Fellowship, I reserved a place.
I thought this was an excellent opportunity to assess the séance with David Thompson. I had read a few articles about Stewart Alexander, and the experimental phenomena that took place during his séances, among other the materialization of a hand in visual conditions, and materialization in full size in the darkness.

The same morning of the séance, I travelled to Basel. Someone had recommended a hotel some hundred metres from the premises of the fellowship, and I arrived on time according to the program, at 18:00 pm. I was thinking about how this house resembled David Thompson’s house in Glasgow. It was the same, light colored house, with white bay windows, except this house was situated in a busy area. Anyhow, here I was, standing on the steps and knocking on the door. A nice, young gentleman opened the door.
- Good evening, my name is Lucius, he said in German. I recognized his face from the website. He was the chairman of the fellowship. - Good evening, my name is Jostein Strømmen, and I come from Norway, I said in English. His whole face was smiling, as he asked me in. - Come on in, whilst pointing at a woman behind him. - Meet my partner.
She was just as cordial. We talked about the trip, and I told them that I had attended the séance with David Thompson in September last year. They hadn’t been able to, but Lucius said - then I shall place you in the first row near Stewart, since you have been there before. - This is great, I thought, since the closer to the medium you are, the more details you can uncover. Lucius showed me in. More people had entered the house. The couple moved about and welcomed them, and I walked into the séance room, where I was told to go.
The room was square, and about fifty square metres. On one side there was a chair with chair arms placed in a cabinet of one square metres. A small table covered with a red felted fabric was placed in front of the cabinet. On the table there were some electro strips and two trumpets. The latter were two, hollow plastic tubes, that were significantly narrower in one end compared to the other end. Illuminating tape was fastened to each end of the trumpets.
I now thought I would take the opportunity, whilst being alone in the room, to check out the chair, the table, the cabinet, and the equipment. The cabinet was simply a cloth that was attached to some poles that formed a square, and the curtain was pulled back from the one side that faced the audience. The chair was placed inside the cabinet, and its legs and arm rests were heavy and solid. The small table that was placed in front of the cabinet, was a regular square fifty centimetre wide table with a glass plate, covered by felted fabric. A lamp was placed under the table. There was a dimmer on the cable. The electro strips on the table were plain strips of about thirty to forty cm that could be bought in a hardware store. I have used such strips myself. When you pull them out, you can hear a clicking sound, and when you have put them in place, they cannot be pulled apart. They have to be cut off. No, there was nothing special about the equipment. The roughly forty chairs were common enough, there was a wooden floor, and the windows were covered with black plastic, like in David Thompson’s séance. Nothing seemed strange.
Now more people attended the séance room, so it just didn’t seem natural to walk about with a magnifying glass any more. The chairs hadn’t been arranged in a circle yet, but were placed in rows facing the podium. I sat down near the cabinet. Clearly, everybody had now entered the room, at any rate there were no vacant chairs available.
Lucius welcomed everyone, and Stewart told everyone about how he had started out being a medium. He told us that he had read a book titled The edge of the etheric, about the medium John Campbell Sloan and the businessman Arthur Findlay, who sat together with their own circle group in the nineteen twenties. This book was written by A Findlay, and tells about the séances, and the contacts and information that had been communicated over a long period of time.
- I became so engaged in the book, that I wanted to try being in a circle myself, he said. - I started out with my family and friends, sitting in a circle at home for eight years, one hour each week, without anything happening. We were about to give up, when I suggested to my brother and his wife that we could try it out one evening. Just the three of us.
That same evening a voice appeared, and told us to turn off the lights and continue the séance. - That was when something started happening, he said. In other words, the composition of the circle had a decisive impact when it comes to communicating with the dead.

After the introduction, there was a short break, and the chairs were placed in two circular rows, with the cabinet separating the circle. Lucius enters, and I immediately got eye contact with him. I ask him where to sit. - Sit down here, he says, and nods at me. - Here you have a good view. The seat was in the first row, five chairs from Stewart.
Everyone was now seated, and the lights went out. There was total darkness, and Lucius started by citing a prayer. As the first person from the other side came Walter Stinson. He asked one of the female participants if she would like to participate in a unique experiment, which would be completely harmless. She said she would like that, and sat up front next to Stewart. Walter Stinson has a charming personality. - A beautiful hand, he says to the woman. - Would you like to feel Stewart’s right hand, and check that it is tied up to the arm rest with electro strips? Is it bound and secure? Walter asks. -Yes, she confirms. - Put your hand on the strips and Stewart’s arm. Press hard. We can hear heavier breathing from Walter, and the woman startles. - Here are the strips, it is yours, he says. - Oh, the strip is still in one piece, she exclaims, completely surprised. - We dematerialized the strips from Stewart’s hand, and then we materialized it again. - We mix our energy with ectoplasm. Then everything is possible, says Walter. - Feel Stewart’s hand. Are there any strips on it? - Feel your way up the arm. - No, no strips, she answers. - Hold his wrist, Walter says. We hear a clicking sound when a new strip is put on. Stewart’s other hand is covered with strips. - Oh…the strips are fastened again, she says. - Thanks to you, Walter says.
Another woman is invited to sit at the little, red table. Lucius adjusts the light on the red table. It is a dimmer, so that Walter can say what degree of light is necessary in order to perform the phenomena.

Thank you for sitting here with me, Walter says, and then he asks: - Would you like to see my etheric hand materialized in a physical shape? - Yes, please, she answers. A black matter comes out and spreads onto the table. I am sitting about three metres from the little, red table, and can see that the matter is developing in the palm of a hand; it becomes red and a bit transparent. The hand materializes completely, and puts itself on top of the woman’s hand. - It is a warm and normal hand, the woman says. -Yes, indeed it is, as we still are very human even though our physical bodies on earth are gone. Walter puts his hand in the middle of the table, and knocks his fingertips on the table, - Yes, it is just a regular hand, he says. We see that the hand dematerializes into the same matter as it started out with, and then it is gone. Walter invites more people to sit around the small table that was placed in front of the medium. - So that you shall not in any way believe that it is the medium that is performing this experiment, I would like more people to sit around the table and put their hands on it, together with the medium’s hands. - One moment, we are going to dematerialize the strips, Walter says. The medium’s hands are on the table, and he is still in a trance. The four people closest to him are invited to the table, and hold each other’s hands. We can see the medium’s hands on the table. The participants’ hands are now forming a circle on the table, whilst touching each other. Walter is breathing heavily, and says that the people in the back row can stand up to get a better look. Once again the black matter appears on the table, and the hand materializes. Once again, the hand knocks on the table with its fingertips, dematerializes, and withdraws. - What do you think, folks? Walter asks. - Unbelievable, some people answer. - Well, it is just nature’s own laws, Walter says.

After a while, we can hear a long sizzling sound, and a weak voice, - Dr Barnett here. I shall try and materialize myself. We can barely hear him. - We shall draw energy from some of you in order to get enough for a full materialization, Walter says. We hear a weak sizzling sound, and I can feel a cool breeze coming towards me. It is very hot inside the room. Forty people are assembled in an area of fifty square metres; for two hours. Well, it gets hot. I can hear he is patting the hands of the woman on my left hand side. He walks past me. I can feel the air pressure, and at the same time I feel an intense, sweet smell, something icy on my neck, and a severe thrust in my right ear. He has walked past me, and pats the hands of the woman sitting next to me. He returns while the pressure in my ear decreases, and the sweet fragrance disappears as soon as it appeared. - Strange, strange, strange, I think.

Walter signs off, and the séance is over. The lights come back on. I ask the woman to my right what Dr Barnett had done. Then she takes my hands. - This, she says. She holds my hands in hers, and then puts her hands on my head. She is smiling all over.

On my way out I told Stewart what I had been feeling when Dr Barnett walked past me. - Are you participating in a circle? He asked me. - No, I’m not, I said, and interpreted his facial expression in a way that told me I ought to. - The ectoplasm might have been drawn from you during the materialization, he said. More people wanted to talk to him, so I withdrew.

Lucius says that Stewart wanted to answer questions inside in a moment. I was engaged in my own thoughts, and cannot remember all the questions that were raised. I returned to the hotel, and went back home the next day. Now I had even more to think about. Did I have ectoplasm as well? Should I participate in a circle? This is not a priority at the moment, I thought. My aim was to write a book, so I was trying to find out as much as possible about the subject.

However, I didn’t know that I was going to meet S Alexander, W Stinson, and Dr Barnett again. When I got home, the book about Alexander and the experimental attempts was gone. I had bought the book with a CD at the fellowship’s bookshop in Basel. I had read it halfway through when I got home. I thought I must have put it on the seat in front of me on the plane. I needed this book as a reference for my own book, so I contacted Stewart’s circle leader in Hull, England, Ray Lister. No one from Stewart’s circle in Hull had been to Basel. Ray answered me the next day. He was going to send me a new book, and invited me to their private circle in Hull. Of course I said yes! I had told him about the happening in Basel, so my private e-mail was probably the reason why I was invited. I asked him if I could bring my wife. Of course I could, he said. I told him that August would be a good time for us. He said he would get back to me after he had contacted Stewart.

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