A night to remember

von Basler Psi Verein

24. Juni 2015

(We will always remember those who have gone before us and what a wonderful opportunity it is to be given that chance to meet again).

By Katie Halliwell and accompanying sitters

Life on this Earth plane begins when we are born, and being part of our own families a natural force creates a special bond. A force that will make each and every one of us unique to our own experiences as we set off on our chosen paths to learn about one important principle.

We know this principle as love.

Love helps us to serve, heal and progress.

Love gives us a sense of belonging.

Love breaks the barrier of so called death.

And what we can achieve when we blend together in love, peace and harmony is the knowledge and awareness of a wonderful spirit team who attach themselves to one special person – Stewart Alexander.

For 24 years now, Stewart and his home circle have served the public, bringing comfort and understanding to those who have lost their loved ones, loved ones who have moved on into the spirit world and who remain so close and dear to those left behind.

Added to that, Stewart has always had a special duty and commitment that is so close and dear to his heart, and that is to offer his services by holding public physical séances outside of his own home circle room in Hull (East Yorkshire) and this particular public physical séance which was held at the renowned Craghead Spiritualist Church (Near Durham) on 11th November 2014 was exceptional, because it was to be his last*.


Simply because we are not getting any younger and Stewart’s main concern is for those who travel such long journeys in the hope of witnessing wonderful phenomena. What a terrible disappointment it would be if the meeting had to be cancelled due to any unexpected ailment beyond our control. The older we get, the more this type of occurrence is likely to happen. Naturally, our material bodies take their toll, not only on Stewart, but on the circle members as well. Our circle leader Ray Lister, fondly known as Raymondo, was rushed into hospital two days before the Craghead séance with life threatening blood clots in both lungs hereby explaining the reason why Raymondo and his wife June were unable to attend this special meeting.

However, Christopher and Jane Jackson saved the day by stepping in to take Raymondo and June’s places and as usual, Carol Petch sat at Stewart’s left hand side and Jane took June’s regular place on his right. It was important to support such a memorable public sitting in such a wonderful place where the celebrated medium Hunter Selkirk, over half a century earlier, had held his truly remarkable physical/materialisation séances and it was a privilege to be hosted by the Churches delightful President Beryl Hodgson and Secretary Trish Elliott and their team.

I would like to start this article with a photograph taken that night of Stewart strapped in his chair with the much used table in front of him. Thirty eight sitters sat round Stewart and his table in the form of two semi circles. On the table were some straight cable ties along with some separately ringed cable ties, a bell and a couple of drumsticks.

Chris Jackson opened in prayer prior to White Feather (Stewart’s main spirit guide) giving his blessing to all by confirming that the conditions in the church were truly excellent. Little Christopher was next to come and speak through Stewart in trance throwing off his usual banter helping all new comers to relax. The other spirit people in the team, Walter Stinson, Freda Johnson and Dr Barnett, as usual, participated in producing a wonderful sitting to be remembered with an abundance of evidential proof – not all of which is included in this article.

The physical phenomena was truly phenomenal, I was sat directly opposite Stewart in the centre circle and at one point during the sitting, I was awarded with a good view of Stewart’s fluorescent knee tabs floating up above head height in the air, I saw the tabs hover, then they swayed up and down like a ship at sea. It is no wonder Stewart dislikes the chair levitation experience, he was completely aware of this happening and Carol had to calm him down by saying, “You are quite safe Stewart, you are quite safe”. This was just one of the many physical phenomena witnessed on that wonderful evening but here I shall stop and concentrate upon Freda Johnson’s invaluable contribution which, I believe, always supports the physical manifestations with the presentation of evidential communications. Speaking through Stewart in trance she endeavoured, as always, to bring about reunions by encouraging loved ones in spirit to come and speak for themselves and they did so with much anticipation – to have a direct conversation with a friend or a member of the family.

I have chosen to take a leaf out of Freda’s book and would like to do what she does. Rather than writing reports on behalf of others, I thought it would be more interesting to invite the recipients to speak for themselves, telling you what they experienced and how they felt.

Alex Brand

When Walter asked for questions near the beginning I did ask one but just to break the silence really. I did not expect Walter to call me up to sit beside him at that point as I have previously experienced his experiment of passing matter through matter and have a very treasured cable tie in my possession. I did not expect anything other than a reply to my question and was surprised when Walter said that I had a brother in spirit and that Robert was here. That information was quite correct as my brother Robert has been in the spirit world since he was 18. Walter then said, “He wants you to know, a wheelchair is no longer necessary”. This information connects to my son Michael who passed to spirit when he was 22. Prior to his passing he had to have a below knee amputation to get rid of the malignant tumour on his ankle so he did at times need a wheelchair. At that point I can verify that Stewart would not have known I had a brother Robert or that I had a connection to someone else in spirit who had needed a wheelchair.

The other matter that Stewart had no knowledge of was the fact that since I learned that I would be able to go to the séance at Craghead, I had been sending thoughts to Walter and the team at least 2 or 3 times a day over a period of about a week asking if I could be allowed to experience holding the hand of spirit which I was aware of from attending the séances at Cober Hill, it is a phenomena which Walter enables someone to do through the production of ectoplasma if there is enough energy. I did also once witness this in Stewarts home circle, someone touch the hand of a loved one in spirit. With great respect to Walter, I had in fact been sending thoughts to him that although it would be lovely to hold his hand my greatest desire was to hold the hand of one of my family who are now in spirit.

Words cannot describe how I felt when Walter did invite me to go and sit at the table in front of Stewart as I was not by then expecting this to happen. I then in fact realised that Walter had received all my thoughts and that one of my family would touch my hand. Walter then said that my brother Robert was there. I know it is important not to become over emotional and so I did try to remain as calm as possible and to encourage my brother so that he would succeed in touching my hand. I was sitting opposite the medium who was under Walter’s control and placed my hand, palm down on the glass topped table that was lit from underneath by a red light. I noticed that the mediums hands remained fastened to the arms of the chair by the cable ties. As I focused on the table, a dense black shadow began to spread across the table. It looked initially like a pool of black ink spreading across the table but then I saw that it was beginning to resemble a shape and I could see fingers forming and a hand taking shape. If I was to think of a similar shape I would say the hand formed a shape which would be similar to one I might make with my hand if I was miming that I was holding a gun, so some of the fingers seemed to be pointing inward to the palm while the others were outstretched toward me. At this point the hand still looked fluid and inky but then suddenly I felt my hand being lifted up and held quite tightly as the shape lifted up off the table. It was the most wonderful experience to realise that I was now holding my brothers hand. The hand which held mine was solid and full of life. It was normal temperature neither too hot nor too cold and the fingers felt slim as did the hand. My brother was very tall and slim and did have very slim fingers. The hand was holding onto my fingers and shaking it and I felt that he did not want to let go. When he did let go I watched the fingers gradually recede and the inky black shadow return and go smaller until it was gone which happened in a matter of seconds I think.

Words are inadequate to describe what this experience has meant to me. Although I managed to stay calm at the time, when I think now of the experience I am overcome with emotion but in a joyful way. The hand which held mine was solid and full of life and the fact that I experienced the very thing I had asked Walter for through my thoughts has also confirmed to me that there is no barrier to thought so I know now that I really am just a thought away from all those I love who have walked over the bridge we call death to a new life.

Gillian Nuttall

The evidence we received from Stewart and his workers was a night we will never forget. Working for spirit for 34 years we have experienced lots of wonderful things, but the evidence of life after death was undeniable that night. I was privileged to talk and interact with Walter, proof given was undeniable and to witness matter through matter was amazing. The trumpets were very active and voices could be heard by all, the amount of spirit present that night was wonderful; the feeling of love and dedication in that room was undeniable. I am humbled by the dedication of Stewart and the sitters of his circle who have sat for this experience for so long to give to people like us, the experience we witnessed that night. Well done! And a huge thank you and blessing.

Paul Nuttall

To add my own experience of materialised hands having sat and experienced all of the above not forgetting Christopher, Freda and the doctor Barnett, (Stewart’s guides) they were so active on the night.

The raising of Stewart, well what can I say at least four foot off the floor still strapped to the seat demonstrated the energy on the night.

My personal experience of seeing the materialised hands of Dr Barnett which appeared out of the ectoplasm and brushed my hair gave me the biggest buzz I have had in my life, the warmth and energy from the doctor’s materialised hands, words cannot give this justice.

I would also like to thank the church, Stewart and his sitters for allowing all present to share the Alexander Home Circle’s experiences after many years of dedication.

David Paull

As soon as I heard of a séance being held at Craghead SNU Church I enquired whether any tickets were available, but to my dismay, they had sold out. My only hope was to ask if I could be put on the waiting list. Low and behold the night before, I was told there was a spare ticket for me should I want it – “Yes”, was my answer and I am so glad it was.

About 40 minutes into the séance, a few people had been called up, all of which were women until this point.

Walter said there was a gentleman in the back row behind "Chris. Well I was sat a few chairs away, but behind him, and once I said my name Walter said, “Yes, would you come and sit beside Stewart”.

Walter asked me to take Stewart’s right hand and as I did so, he asked how long I had been involved in Spiritualism, I told him 18 years, he then went on to say, “You have a gift” and asked that with my permission, the spirit people would like to make an adjustment in my body which would allow them to come closer to me. Of course I said that it was OK.

During this connection, I felt a very cold feeling move up my arm and then my whole body became so cold, it was amazing.

When the adjustment was complete, an unexpected surprise was waiting for me; it was the spirit people’s wish that I received a gift from them. I was given two cable tie rings that had been joined together during our conversation. The spirit people had dematerialised two separate rings that were left on the table and linked them together.

Once I returned to my seat I was shaking! Not in a bad way, just in a way something seemed to have changed and I couldn't believe I had been asked by spirit to come forward and to be given such a wonderful gift.

The whole séance to me was a wonderful experience. It's nice to see proof of something I believe in 100%. It's something that I will never forget and definitely can say I feel I have been blessed by spirit. It was an honour and privilege to sit in Stewart’s last public physical circle.

Catherine Russell

I have sat with Stewart twice before this last séance and I had some evidence given through Walter on both times. On the first occasion I had some wonderful evidence from my father and then Walter told me that Dr Barnett wanted to speak to me.

He has come through and spoken to me personally on each occasion I have sat with Stewart.

Dr Barnett told me that there was a condition I had which was not getting any better and that in three weeks I had a hospital appointment and the doctors would find a big difference in my condition. This referred to a broken sternum which was not healing in that the bones were not joining together. Following that appointment the doctors could not believe the progress which had been made in those three weeks in that the sternum was nearly healed. When they asked me what I had done differently, I told them I had received some spiritual healing.

In particular Dr Barnett had been with me during a very big operation I had this year. I asked Dr Barnett for healing throughout this time and can say that I feel 100% better which has restored my faith in spiritual healing far above which I had expected. He brought his spirit friends through to me in Stewarts home circle and gave me specific healing from them.

Beryl Hodgson

During Freda’s communication she said she had two Normans with her, one was accepted by Audrey and the other was my husband Norman who had passed some five years ago. When Norman was alive he would never wear slippers but always wore a pair of sandshoes when he was in the house. After his passing I kept these and they are in the same place they always stayed. Freda brought this memory from Norman, who was laughing about the “old shoes”. I knew immediately what she meant. He also said I was to look in a pocket of a coat and I would find a piece of paper in there with writing on. I have yet to do this at the present time, but know he will be right. He told me I was still his sweetheart and this was lovely, as we had always been childhood sweethearts. Before the communication finished, I was privileged to see the profile of Norman on the face of Stewart.

Audrey Stacey

I was so glad that my friend Shirley Girdwood could transport me over to Craghead church, without her help I would not have experienced such wonderful spirit communication.

After Freda introduced herself, she made it known that there were two Normans in the spirit world and to our astonishment, a few moments later on, went on to say that there were two more Normans.

Beryl was the first to announce that she knew a Norman and she was asked to sit with Stewart before another lady said she knew a Norman to which a lovely message was forwarded to her by Freda. A gentleman stated that he knew a Norman – but at this point, Freda was particularly adamant about two certain Normans - both being husbands, it was confirmed that Beryl’s was one and mine was the other.

Towards the end of Beryl’s communication, Freda asked if she knew anything about elephants - which she didn’t. Freda realising that she had moved on to my Norman asked me if I knew anything about elephants and my answer was a definite yes, at this point, Freda invited me to come and sit next to Stewart.

Freda mentioned that John, (Correct - a dear friend of mine) was with Norman and that they were both here together, Norman was sending his love to me and he had been very concerned about me, but not quite concerned now. (Correct - I had been quite ill, but am a lot better now). Freda then told me that Norman was sending his love to our daughter, she pointed out that the lady lives somewhere else, in another country and she asked me tell her that her dad is close by. At this particular time, Freda was still puzzled about the elephants and I explained that my daughter lives in South Africa and that she loves the wild elephants roaming around, so much so, she has elephant ornaments and pictures all over her house.

Freda then went on to tell me that mother is here sending her love and that she will be waiting for me when the time comes, but it will not be for a while yet.

After much encouragement, my dad managed to speak to me through Stewart in trance, pronouncing the words, “My Girl and take care of yourself”, it was so wonderful to hear him.

Freda once again took over and asked, “Who is Phillip dear? – and I want to say to you, that you use to work in a garage and he knew you from those days”. (This was perfectly true; I did know a Phillip who use to work with me at a motorway service station).

Freda then announced that someone would like to show himself to me and she asked for the light to be switched on. I could see Stewart’s face and noticed changes happening in front of his face as Norman tried to show himself before the light had to be switched off.

Following the transfiguration, Freda then said, “May I do this on behalf of all your people”, (my hand was holding the top of Stewart’s hand) and Stewart’s hand along with mine still on top was lifted up so that Freda could kiss the back of my hand. (This was amazing because, I remember thinking how on earth could this be possible when Stewart’s hands are tightly strapped to the chair arms).

It was such a wonderful connection, something I will always treasure and remember, thank you so much Stewart.

Trish Elliott

Having sat with Stewart many times before, I was both excited privileged and sad to be sitting in his final séance but incredibly proud that he had decided that this would be held in our Church at Craghead which had a special significance for Stewart. The Church and Stewart embraced each other some years ago, and this friendship has continued. Having enjoyed Walter and Christopher’s interaction and healing given by Dr Barnet and Freda’s wonderful communication I felt that these are old friends too.

At the final séance I was in awe of the wonderful evidence which was given to each of the sitters. Finally, Freda said “there is someone here who has a memory of the rhyme “Jack Spratt could eat no fat”. This immediately brought back a memory of my mam teaching me those nursery rhymes when I was little. I was called to sit at the side of Stewart and Freda went on to say that she had my mam with her and also her father and that she and her father were very close. This was very true as my mam contracted polio at the age of 4, and her father took her everywhere with him.

About the Church

Craghead Church was built in 1933 by the pioneers of the Church with funds released by Mr Bulmer, its first President, who put his home up as security, following a dream by Hunter Selkirk as too where the Church was to be built. Hunter Selkirk was a Spiritual Healer and an outstanding Physical Medium and he was the third President of Craghead Church. He became well known for his work throughout the North East and today his name is known Worldwide. Some few years ago Stewart and his late sister Gaynor – having had a great interest in the work of Hunter Selkirk - arranged a meeting with the ‘developing class’ at the Church. Following this, and in fact upon their long journey home, Gaynor had asked Stewart if he would consider giving a Physical séance at the Church but knowing well the past outstanding quality of Hunter Selkirk’s mediumship, he felt that his own would not live up to the same standard and may be measured against it. However, in subsequent months Gaynor was to suggest it to her brother on several occasions (such was her love of the Church) but it was not until she very sadly passed into spirit (following a tragic road accident) that Stewart contacted the Church with a view to fulfilling her wish. And so it began – the special relationship between Stewart, his circle and our Church.

The above concludes all the reports that were filtered through to me and I would like to thank these wonderful people for making this article possible. The séance lasted more than two hours and it was totally impossible for me to talk to all of the recipients during the tea break after the sitting which points out the fact that there are so many more messages received from our loved ones in spirit not even mentioned in this report. I would also like to relay a special thank you to Beryl and Trish for their input on gathering together the above accounts.

It was most certainly a wonderful sitting to be remembered and what can be more fitting than to end this article with Rose Crone’s closing prayer. Rose was present during Stewart Alexander’s very first public physical séance almost 25 years ago and it was fitting that she was also present at his last.

Here is her prayer:-

Dear Spirit World, we thank you for the privilege that we have had this evening, for being so close to you.

We thank you for bringing our loved ones close to us.

We ask that special healing energies go out to Ray Lister this evening and our thoughts will be with him as we travel home.

We pray that you will take us safely and look after this circle - this wonderful, wonderful circle.

And we ask for a special blessing upon our medium Stewart Alexander.

These things we say most humbly in your name WHICH IS LOVE.


NB. At the time of writing this article, Ray is now out of hospital and is slowly recovering.

*The Cober Hill twice yearly seminars will still continue; the only exception will be - instead of holding a physical séance on the Saturday night, Stewart’s guides and in particular Freda Johnson will be communicating through Stewart in deep trance.

The Alexander Home Circle will continue to sit for physical manifestation once a week.

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